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Message from Group MD

Welcome to KKK Distributors (Pvt) Limited. Our Company is a unique mix of distributors of fiberglass raw materials in Sri Lanka, together with a strong team of employees.

Although KKK is still at a young stage in its business life, we are proud to say that we have come up to a stage where we stand tall in par with the giants in the fiberglass raw materials industry in Sri Lanka.

“To be the number one supplier in the fiberglass & composite Industry in Sri Lanka”

“Capturing the market share by 25% in 2018 while catering all types of requirements in the Fiberglass & Composite industry through commitment, dedication & Achievement”
Mission Statement !
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          Quality Policy

  • To do things right the first time, by working as a company wide team in providing quality service to our customers.

  • To focus on the customers' needs, and then plan our actions accordingly to fulfill them.

  • To continuously improve our services to our customers.

Vision Statement !